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Jan 5, - Your urethra is irritated, try using some lubrication when masturbating reg. hand cream (not perfumed soap which could make things worse). If it persists for more than a few days go to the docs to get a urine test for infection. MALE GENITAL ODOR DUE TO MASTURBATION ~ ElijahForce Luigina. Age: 21. We'll have a BLAST! ?? ?? ?? Ask our community of thousands of members your health questions, and learn from others experiences. Jun 1, - Most times when a man gets excited, his penis releases a little pre-ejaculate and even if he doesn't masturbate, the pre-ejaculate still stays on the genital area and breaks down to cause male genital odor. The same applies to little drops of urine. It is also advisable to use lubes instead of soaps, saliva or. Chrissy. Age: 27. Hello sweetie, i stay in Vilnius city center very nice location Urinate during masturbation? However for about a year i have been having a problem where for whatever reason after masturbation i will feel an overwhelming urge to urinate (it feels like i need and he also told me to use lube when materbaiting and when you ejaclate to let the penis go down a bit and rub the head of your penis with lotion or lube until. May 25, - Saliva isn't generally recommended as a lubricant because it dries quickly (as you may have discovered already). Also, sugars from the mouth can be found in saliva that may cause urinary tract infections (UTIs). Sugars also can be found in some types of lube, sometimes listed as glycerin in the list of.

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Maia. Age: 18. My name is Sara Ishikawa Using lotion and other stuff to masturbate. ElleBelle Posts: Community Manager. February edited April in Nurse Nettie. Hi @Nurse_Nettie, I am wondering if it's unsafe to use hand lotion, moisturiser, vaseline, etc as a lubricant when you masturbate? Is there any risk of a urinary tract infection or hurting the. In men UTI transmitted sexually is treated as an STD rather than with standard antibiotics. The possibility of a bladder infection and an infected kidney is considered and appropriate culture and tests are done to ascertain the amount of damage; Antibiotics are also prescribed once the extent of damage is ascertained and it is. Mar 6, - So, if it isn't some form of ejaculation, then why exactly are you peeing when you're masturbating? It's difficult to Leaking urine during masturbation, or any kind of sex act, is sometimes linked to having an irritable bladder or a weak bladder. When you get Is It Okay To Use Vaseline As Lube? Follow Gurl.


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