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Dec 31, - Next, grab some shaving gel and a razor with a fresh blade. Shave against the direction of hair growth. Sometimes it's easier to take one body part at a time while in the shower. One day shave your chest, the next your legs. Rinse with cool water to close the pores. We Recommend: Gillette Fusion ProGlide. Shaving Armpits - Bodybuilding - Forums - T Nation Katerina. Age: 24. My name is Becky I would consider the fact for about HD - Quality massage, spa treatments & manscaping for men. This video shows chest, stomach, arms. Nadine. Age: 22. Im real ebony for you Dear men: Here's what women really think about your body hair This is a video of me trimming my hairy chest, arms, stomach, shoulders, and armpits. I basically manscape my. Jun 10, - How to clip, shave, and tweeze every inch of your body, from the chest to (yup) way, way down under. We'd rather you didn't mess with your armpits, but if your hair is poking out of short-sleeve shirts, or creating a bush when you're wearing a tank top, it's time to take action. "Take the volume out by using.

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Allison. Age: 28. My name is Holly, and I am your "Ultimate American Sexxxy MILF" I don't really understand why some guys shave their armpits. I think it doesn't look quite right on a guy. I wouldn't want to see hair in a woman's armpits because I think it looks masculine, but I wouldn't want to see a guy with shaven armpits because I think it looks feminine. It just doesn't look right on a guy. Jun 10, - Learn how to snip, trim, and shave yours to look your best. Related: Should Men Shave Their Legs? See the Surprising Chest. Don't go overboard—most women say a hairy chest looks more masculine. You want to keep it a little longer than a half inch. Related: The 3 Best Ways to Remove Nipple Hair. It's would be a bonus for me. Armpit hair is nas-tay.


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