Recommened sunglasses for large asian face

Usually, wraparounds and aviators are no good since asians don't have the same type of bridge on our noses as most others. Do you There are only a few people who can pull off the large, bug-eyes sunglassesthey generally have long faces (long noses. low cheek bones, narrow). oakley's make asian fit sunglasses. How to: The Best Eyeglasses & Sunglasses for Round Faces - Vint & York Candi. Age: 27. I'm Alice French lady and it's my first time here with my friend so I hope enjoy my travel ! Swag sunglasses — See more options here! Aug 11, - For many people of Asian descent — who have wide faces, high cheekbones, and low nose bridges — most sunglasses made by Western brands and If your main problem is that your sunglasses slip down your nose, classic aviators are a good bet because the nose pads will keep your shades in place. Svetlana. Age: 18. am in my twenties, stand at 5'3 and I have long dark brunete hair, big brown eyes, lucious pouting lips and silky smooth tanned skin Face Shape Aug 5, - This Sunglasses Brand Is Coming to the Rescue of Asian Faces Everywhere lower cheekbones. Some brands make "Asian fit" sunglasses, but for the Covry co-founders, those styles were still too limited — too athletic, too expensive, or both. "We're definitely overwhelmed, but in a good way," Shin said. Best sunglasses for Asian faces so you can frame your face with the right shape of shades.

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Anfisa. Age: 25. I am glad that you are reading this Genuine erotic verbal spill of mine Aug 6, - With our high cheekbones and low nose bridges, glasses seem to constantly fall down our faces, on Lynx and Vega, all of which are unisex and UV protected with polarized lenses and reduced glares. And the best part? They're actually stylish, unlike the "Asian Fit" glasses offered by other brands. Match your face shape to stylist recommended sunglasses. Upload your picture or choose from heart, square, oval or round face shapes for the shades that fit you best. May 25, - And, as someone who's needed glasses since the second grade (my vision finally plateaued at in middle school), I've had a lifetime of anguish to come to the conclusion that I have a deformed head. Here's the problem, I've got: a wide, flat face; a shallow nose bridge; puffy cheeks; a skull that's more.


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